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"Our vision at Boomer Consulting has always been to guide our clients to be transformation catalysts for their firms and the profession overall. Yet, we’ve been limited in our reach and impact through our live communities, consulting and training. Through the Boomer Knowledge Network, we have developed an on-demand platform for the knowledge, resources and training that have helped so many successful firms in the past."

- Jim Boomer, CEO of Boomer Consulting, Inc.

Why Choose Boomer Knowledge Network?

With the Boomer Knowledge Network, you will unlock a vast digital library equipped with tools and resources, offering an exclusive portal to a wealth of expert-curated knowledge and premium certification courses tailored for the accounting profession. The BKN also offers an online community of accounting professionals that allows you to share best practices and gain insights available exclusively to members. Within this library, you're connected with insights from thought leaders across the accounting profession, including leadership, talent, technology, process, and growth, enriching your professional journey with unparalleled expertise.

Elevate Your Firm’s Business Model

In an era of rapid change, this session provides a roadmap for evolving your firm's business model through leadership, talent, technology, process, and growth strategies.